High Quality, Specialty Grains

A growing trend toward a more health-conscious and diet-conscious population creates opportunity at all levels of the food industry. We are pleased to be a link between the high-quality, specialty grain producer and end-users who need specific, high-quality products to meet the growing demand for health-conscious food. Rogers Grain’s part in this process is to source high-quality grains from local, dedicated producers, add value by processing the grains in our specialized plants and to deliver quality products to various end-users. We have developed relationships with a number of international buyers of food grade grains and currently have contracts to furnish locally grown corn, non-GMO soybeans and wheat to buyers in North America and Asia.

Our processing plants in Miami and Darke counties in Ohio are equipped with industry-standard equipment such as air screen cleaners, destoner, gravity table, belt sorter and optical color sorting machines, allowing us to deliver top-quality products that meet the high standards of the food industry. We load our products in bulk open-top hopper trailers, bulk shipping containers and containerized bags, both 30kg and one Metric Tonne totes.

Quality Grains – Processor Focus – Exceptional Products

Rogers Grain, Inc. is poised to meet the growing demand for quality commodities.

Sourcing Quality Products

For decades we have worked with producers to source quality grain out of the field. We build key relationships with producers who take pride in their farming operation and deliver quality grains. We work with regional producers to find the commodities that will meet our buyers’ specifications.

Practicing Efficient Grain Receiving & Handling

We take pride in providing our producers with quick and courteous customer service. Our efficient grain receiving, handling and office support provide valuable services to producers.

Proactive Commodity Conditioning

Our facilities are equipped with dryers, equipment that handles grain gently and computerized, automated aeration control. Our staff is well trained in procedures to maintain and verify grain quality.

Commodity Cleaning Services

Our cleaning facilities are equipped to sort and clean grains and oil seeds. Foreign materials are removed by air screen cleaners and a destoner. Products are sorted by density using a gravity table, and by shape using a belt sorter. Optical color sorters are used to sort product by color and appearance.


Our staff is trained as general commodity testers and certified by the State of Ohio We utilize Neogen mycotoxin testing equipment to monitor potential contaminants such as, Aflatoxin, T2+HT2, Zearalenone, Vomitoxin, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, etc. Non-GMO grains are tested to assure 99% purity.

Packaging & Shipping

Our facilities are designed to support multiple modes of shipping. We load bagged products and one metric tonne totes into van trailers and shipping containers. Bulk products are loaded into shipping containers and open top hopper trailers.

Quality Assurance

Our written quality assurance program outlines our processes from production of specialty grains to shipment of finished products. The program’s objective is to source top quality grains, and to maintain high quality standards throughout the storage, cleaning, bagging and shipping operations. All aspects of these operations are monitored and documented.

Why Choose Us

      • Family-owned and operated for more than 65 years
      • Longterm, dedicated employees
      • Top-quality product in every shipment